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a creative product design agency that believes in the power of creative ideas and great design.

Creative Ideas

As an start in a design process, creative ideas and easy sketches are important stages to achieve great product design !

CAD simulation

Skarsbakk Design offers hi quality CAD simulation and 3D rendering. As a part of the design process, this gives the client a 2D / 3D visual impressions of the design, which gives a more realistic impression of each milestone.


Rapid prototyping and CAD simulation gives the client an opportunity to get a more realistic felling about the product and its milestones. Skarsbakk Design offers up to date rapid prototyping and CAD machine solutions.


Skarsbakk Design and its partners offers hi quality production solutions for both small or big scale mass production. Our goal is that the client get the opportunity to establish positive long term production partners.

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Key Features of Skarsbakk Design

Skarsbakk Design offers hi-end quality inn all stages in the design process.

First meeting

As a start of the design process. It is always valuable to have a first meeting where we can discuss the project.

Consept development

There are many ways to the aim. An important part of the design process is to sort out different ways to approach the project.

Raw sketches

To sort out what direction the client wants. Its important to present easy readable 2D / 3D sketches of the concepts.


When approaching the finish product. CAD machinery any prototyping of parts of the finish product, is a good way to get a realistic felling over the process, before making final decisions.


An important part of the design process, is to adjust prototype in such a way, that it is either production friendly or / and adjusted to the clients in-house machinery.


Skarsbakk Design offers a network of suppliers and production partners. This shortens the design process total time to market.

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Skarsbakk Design offers an in-house proficiency within most industrial design disciplines.