Skarsbakk Design has developed a tool for mass fire alert in public space. Since 2008 Skarsbakk Design has been in charge of this science project which is financed by innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway.

For the client Mobilarm AS, Skarsbakk Design has developed a tool for buildings to alert their audience about fire-alarm on their cellphones.

The background for the project was that 14.5 % of the population is hard of hearing. This means that a large part of the population are not alerted in public spaces when it comes to fire alerts. One tool that is easy to reach the public on, which people normally cary with them, is the cellphone. The cellphone also gives deaf and hard of hearing, tactile and visual information.


Skjermbilde 2014-04-08 kl. 12.28.24


The service is a free of charge, and lets public get warned only when they are in the buildings area. How do we do it ? The service is location based. By using information from the phone operators cell towers, and using the smartphones own location services, the building it selves can find out who is in the building. When fire alarm, the buildings own fire central search and find out who is in the building.

If you are in the building, the Mobilarm application installed on your phone start the warning process. It has a long vibration pattern, there will be a fire sound and gives information about where the alarm is triggered.


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Buildings who subscribe to the service, are put in a database where the public can see who provides the service. Building subscribers has their own web portal where they get information about alarm traffic and statistics about how many phones are being found in the building, and how many alarm messages is been delivered. The alarm message is delivered both in SMS and push notification, and shows information about the alert location. The message can show addresses, building name and what part of the building triggered the alarm.




The application is developed for Android 4.0 and IoS 7. For public the service is available both in Google Play and App Store.



The service is made possible with co-operation with norwegian cell tower operators like Telenor, Netcom and Network Norway. This gives the service 100 % coverage in Norway. Since 2008 the cell tower operators have been positive for launching a service like this, and not at least have seen the importance in it.