House project Brazil

In co-operation with architect Finn Stokkland, this housing project in Brazil was drawn and modeled.

Skarsbakk Design has delivered 3D modeling, texturing and rendering.


3D Visualizations

By modeling buildings in a CAD tool like Rhino 3D, this is a easy way to get a realistic feeling about the project. With 3D modeling it is possible to illustrate both materials, light, dimensions, scale, indoor environment and outdoor environment.


3D Printing

When building are finished drawn in a CAD drawing program, then you have the possibility to 3D print the object or parts of the object. Down scaled buildings with a sense of realism, is a easy way to study the project before taking final important decisions.

Surface texturing

Hi quality 3D printers gives the client the chance to try out different textures of the surface. This is a easy way play with textures, before final design decisions have to be taken.


  • Categories: 3D Modeling, Architecture, Interior design