A Good Day

A Good Day is a communication board for families with small children.  The tool includes a whiteboard with a clock, a cube with magnetic dots, stickers and whiteboard pens.


kristian bilder 035


The product is developed by Skarsbakk Design as a prototype for the Norwegian competition » Gathering families». Families today struggles with lac of family quality time, and are spending less and less time doing things together. As well as gathering the family to do a fun activity, the product has an scholastic function. The tool includes young pre language children to take part in the family weekly planing. Each family member has their own side on the magnetic square. Each family member makes a set of symbols that describes their typical weekly activities.


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For each day the family gathers around the board and place their symbols on the board. The symbol is to be placed on what time it is tended to happen. So if you are planing to work out or go to work at a specific time, this is to be placed on the right timeframe. This is a fun activity for the family and provides a lot of discussions. The board also lets you write short words and draw with a washable whiteboard pen.


Beside gathering the family, and playing with symbols, this tool helps both children and adults to visualize coming activities. It helps pre language children to get a clearer vision of what is happening, at what time and who does it.

In the center of the board theres a clock. When this clock wires strikes the symbol, the children knows this persons activity is about to happen. For instance, one of the children are waiting for a specific activity to happen, this board and clock will show how long it is to wait before it happens. One other example, the children are waiting for one of the parents to come home from work. Or not at least, when its about time to go to sleep. The board shows the symbol of when the parents are expected to come home, and lets the children work with time, spelling and waiting, without knowing how to read.