Frogner Optical

Skarsbakk Design has re-designed Frogner Optical store in Oslo, Norway. The store has been built up from scratch. Skarsbakk Design has given the store an new approach and gives the customers an new experience.

With the client, we have gone through different ways to approach this challenge. We have delveoped a design and function well fitted both customers and for those who work there. All furniture, all display cases, all presentation martial, lighting, all glass suspension has been custom made by Skarsbakk Design, just for the new Frogner Optical`s expression.

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steinroar bilder 25.6 002


steinroar bilder 25.6 003


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  • Date: 05/13/2012
  • Categories: Produktutvikling, Visualisering
  • Client: Frogner Optikk