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About Our Company

Robert Skarsbakk offers expertise within many of todays design disciplines. Such as graphic design, product design, web design, experience design and interior design.

A Little About Us

Skarsbakk Design was established in 2001. After finishing BA degree in product design at HIAK, Robert Skarsbakk established the company in Sandefjord, Norway. The company works within several areas of product design. Please see work link for more information.


For more information about the company, news and media. You are welcome to make a vista, call us or visit some of our social media as shown below.

Our Skills

This is some of the areas Skarsbakk offer design expertise. Below you can see what part of our skills are within what design area.

  • Product design 90%

  • Web design 80%

  • Interior design 100%

  • Digital design 50%