Our Services

Graphic design and illustrations

Skarsbakk Design has expertise in most Adobe programs like photoshop, illustrator, indesign and more.

3D animations and modeling

Skarsbakk Design uses Rhino 3D and T-Splines as modeling tool. For rendering we usually use V-Ray. For jewelry modeling Rhino 3D is combined with Gemstones Matrix.

Consept development and sketching

Challenges needs to be traced as early as possible. Easy sketches helps to visualize different ways to approach the challenge. The ability to see the challenge from different angles is important.

Rapid prototpyping

Skarsbakk Design uses different tools for rapid prototyping, depending on size, quality, material and use. For jewelry we use Revo 540CX.


For web design we use mostly Wordpress, and use WooComerce for shop chart and payment solutions.


Depending on production type, materials and scale of production. Skarsbakk Design delivers both in-house production and in co-operation with other production environment.

Product design

Product design is a linear process with a lot of parallel lines. Each milestone requires the experience to know how to approach it. Skarsbakk Design has 10 years of experience with product design, from short brief to full scale mass production.

Interior design

The customer always get what it wants. But sometimes the customer don't know what is needed and wants. Skarsbakk Design is always up to date, and designs create unique solutions fitted to the customers goals and needs.

Experience design

If you have a project or a business that hands out to the public, focusing on experience design lets the audience get a unique felling about your business.

Our Process

The development of a new product is a linear process with several parallel lines. We design the process and the total process is designed to build only what the client need. The client always have the opportunity to adjust timelines or to stop the process if that is needed. With well defined delivery processes and clear value change. This lets the client get full control of the process, focusing only on what is needed and reduces time to market.

1. Brief and research

2. Concept development and sketches.

3. 3D modeling

4. Prototypes, production and launch.

What We Do

Brief and research

Let`s take a first meeting and discuss your plans, and discuss how Skarsbakk Design can be a part of the process.

Concept development and concept sketches

When the challenge and goal is described. Different angles to approach the challenge is visualized with concept sketches.

3D modeling and design spesifications

To get closer to the goal. 3D modeling and design specification helps to look in to details before final decisions take place.

Prototype, production and launch

Quality control with 3D modeling, 3D printing and prototypes. Function, texture and material test, before production and final launch.

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